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A Technique That Does the Trick (1 mp3)

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These ‘Secret’ Techniques Will Set You Up For Success

In this eye-opening lesson, Rev. Ike reveals powerful Mind Science secrets and teaches you practical methods you can use right away to set yourself up for good health, happiness, love, success, prosperity — and money! You’ll discover a simple 9-word technique you should use every morning (as  practiced by multi-millionaire W. Clement Stone — the same one that he teaches in his success seminars) and you’ll learn the "science" behind this technique and others, and how and why they will work for you!

Life Meets You, Like You Meet Life!

You’ll understand the importance of your “feeling nature," and why you must learn to manipulate and pump up your feelings; because whatever you do to lift up your feeling nature will lift up your entire experience of life! As you listen, Rev. Ike reveals lots of practical techniques you can put to use to control your emotions (instead of letting your emotions control you):

  • how to use music to lift yourself up
  • what happens when you talk too much about your problems
  • why you shouldn’t listen to the news before you go to sleep (and what you should do to program your thoughts and feelings before bedtime)
  • how to get naturally ‘high” on Happiness!
  • how your friends influence your feelings and the right kinds of relationships to choose
  • how to use affirmations to control your feelings

The Big Question You Must Ask Yourself!

It has been correctly said, “If you feel right about yourself, you can do anything.” Throughout this lesson, Rev. Ike impresses on you the question you should ask yourself every morning (and throughout the day) — “What is my gut feeling about myself?” You’ll learn what he means by ‘gut’ feeling, why it is much deeper than the intellectual level, and why the way you feel about yourself on the gut level determines your fate and your future!

Rev. Ike gives you a simple, but effective prayer of affirmation that you can use at night or in the morning to program yourself with positive, loving, healing feelings. And then Rev. Ike leads you in an Affirmative Meditation taking you down to your gut level to manipulate and condition your deepest feelings about yourself. As you repeat this intensely powerful meditation with Rev. Ike, you will begin to experience a lasting change in consciousness — you begin to feel right about yourself — and this ‘righteousness’ will guide your affairs so that you will be connected with the right people, the right ways and means you need to manifest good in your life!

This easy to understand teaching is both a very practical lesson and an explanation of the profound truths of Mind Science! 

Total of 1 mp3; total length: 40 minutes

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