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How to Be Crazy Enough to Get What You Want! (1 mp3)

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This Motivational Session With Rev. Ike Will LIGHT YOUR FIRE!

With his trade-mark wit and humor that will keep you smiling as you absorb these powerful, consciousness-raising truths and techniques, Rev. Ike delivers this serious participatory lesson where you’re going to discover the difference between "being crazy” and “acting crazy” and you’ll learn how YOU can “be crazy enough” to get what you want!  You’ll discover a kind of “creative craziness,” - an attitude that was shared by many of the greatest thinkers and most successful inventors and explorers (Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, The Wright Brothers, and even Christopher Columbus). It is an attitude that enabled them (and now YOU) to persevere and succeed in spite of others saying “it can’t be done!” 

You’ll Stop Listening to the World Mind And Learn to Trust Yourself!

The “world mind” is always telling you that you can go so far and no further.  Any time you set out in this world to be something, to do something, and to have something that the people around you don't understand, they're going to think you're strange… And it may even be your own family or friends who discourage you!  Rev. Ike tells you: “I have got no time for folks who act crazy; I'm not going to tolerate them, But I say what?  Be crazy without acting crazy.”  


Rev. Ike explains that there are two kinds of minds, and as as you immerse yourself in this exiting teaching, you will LOSE your “No, I Can’t” Mind and FIND your “YES I Can” Mind.  You’ll learn how to stop listening to “No you can’t,” whether it is others or your own mind giving you reasons and excuses why you CAN’T do or have what you want!  And You’ll discover why you can't tell everybody your dreams, hopes and visioin because they’ll come with an old “No, You Can’t” mind and just pour water right on it!

You’ll be inspired as Rev. Ike shares with you powerful real-life examples of others who have overcome so-called handicaps or obstacles — because they were “crazy enough” — and they knew what they wanted and didn’t believe the world mind that told them “It can’t be done”.

You Will Take with You The “I Can” Attitude!

Do you know too much for your own good?  Do you know too well why you can't? Just as God specialized in things impossible, you may have been a person who specialized in knowing why you can’t. You may even have a million excuses ready and waiting. In this lesson, you will overcome these limiting beliefs as Rev. Ike reminds you that, “If you know that you can't, you know too much.”  You’ll discover what it really means to be a “righteous” man!  

To seal the deal, you will share in some transformative affirmative prayer treatments with Rev. Ike that will open your self-awareness to the God mind, the “good mind” in you, so that you take out of this lesson a renewed self-belief, a self-confidence and determination to persist in spite of outward circumstances that might discourage others. You will realize the wonderful possibilities that exist in your life and you will take with you the “Yes I Can” mind.  And when you meet life with this “Yes I Can” attitude, it will open every door for you and no man can shut it!

Total of 1 mp3; total length: 52 minutes

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Tee (Chicago ) 10/21/2020 9:02 PM
I just found Rev. Ike through YouTube. Never heard of him or his teachings. This is a great teaching and I know I’m renewing my mind to have right beliefs about myself and God-in-me!