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How to Overcome on the Spot (2 mp3s)

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From the Lips of Jesus and Scripture!

If you love the Bible, love Jesus, and you are willing to do some work —this mystical, Bible-based, esoteric teaching is for you! In all of his teaching, Rev. Ike is saying the same thing, just in slightly different ways, the lesson being that we are the cause of all our circumstances and the solution to challenges lies in changing our thinking!

In this two-part (2 mp3) spiritual teaching which Rev. Ike originally presented live to his “Overcomers Group,” his aim is “to make you conscious, making you a totally conscious person, so that you are even conscious of the unconscious subconscious." And he uses his esoteric, mind science interpretation of the words of Jesus and other scriptural quotes to bring you to consciousness of the truth that “In the one God, you are the God of your own Experience!"

Buckle Your Seat Belts and Get Ready For the Ride!

As you learn “How to Go From Otherness to Onliness,” you will begin to understand the esoteric meaning of, “Behold the lamb…”  That you must stop beholding “otherness” in yourself, people, things, and the world — and keep your vision focused on the “onliness” of God, good, love! As you progress in this lesson, you’ll learn that God operates only by law — and your job is to understand how God operates so you can get into harmony with God. Here, Rev. Ike helps you to adjust your inner spiritual perception so that “you see just like God, good, love and you will bring forth the demonstration of God, good, love and no “otherness!

How to Overcome on The Spot!

Rev. Ike teaches you the techniques that Jesus gives us for overcoming on the spot:
  • that the time to overcome is now
  • what it means to “agree with thine adversary”
  • why you must “flee as a bird to the mountain”
And you will come to realize this profound truth: “that your adversary, your negatives, your opposition, fears and doubts, come up out of your subconscious in various forms and encounters with people, things and conditions!

Meet and Overcome Your Own Devils!

All of these negatives that you encounter are actually some facet of yourself that you need to overcome. You’ll learn that you have to meet all of your own devils! This is serious, profound teaching and yet Rev. Ike presents it with lots of humor and irreverence. He tells you that “In a sense, this knowledge is dangerous, because the more you become aware of the truth of yourself, the truth of God in you, the faster your negatives are going to come at you."  You are listening to this teaching to learn who you are — and what comes out of the subconscious as you learn who you are are those negative, false beliefs that you had about yourself. You’ve got to meet them and defeat them!

A Shocking Revelation!

You’ll learn that you must greet every adversary with the realization: “This is my golden opportunity to overcome and to have a greater spiritual experience, and I do it." And the shocking revelation that “My adversary is never somebody else, or something else — the adversary is your own power of belief which you have split off from your mind and invested in the idea that there is an “other!""

This is deep stuff!  You may have to listen more than once to truly grasp what Rev. Ike is revealing to you! This is spiritual, metaphysical teaching! This is bitter knowledge, but the results are sweet. Are you ready for it? Rev. Ike wants you to understand that you have no enemies outside of yourself. But do not be afraid of meeting your enemies and do not be surprised when they come up.

This teaching takes you along the road to becoming a master — You must learn the laws and live by the law! You learn that your mind must be kept in agreement with the one God, the one good!  You will gain a deep understanding of what it means to “seek first the kingdom (self knowledge) and all of these things will be added unto you!

Total of 2 mp3s; total length: 1 hour and 45 minutes

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