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How to Zero In On Money (1 mp3)

Price: $6.95

This teaching is available in 6 parts on YouTube, but due to popular demand, we are also offering it as a complete downloadable mp3 for you to own!

Ask yourself this question:
How much money can I be trusted with?

In this humorous and educational lesson, Rev. Ike gives you the tools needed to control money before it controls you. Learn how to focus your mind correctly when it comes to money, and what you keep doing that pushes money away from you.

Exploring the concepts of combined right thinking, subconscious correlation, and mind conditioning, Rev. Ike shows you:
  • How to recession-proof your life, here and now
  • How to make money while you are sleeping - yes, it can be done!
  • How to condition your mind the right way to end your financial problems
  • and Why the simple act of enjoying your money will INCREASE IT!
Rev. Ike ends this lesson with an extended meditation that will expand your consciousness of money and leave you on a higher level of financial peace and enjoyment.

"More action takes place concerning your life while you're asleep than does while you're awake." - Rev. Ike.

This is a single mp3 available for download only.
Total length: 1 hour and 17 minutes.

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