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Master of Success: A Study of the 10 Commandments (7 mp3s)

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Discover the ‘Secret’ Inner Meaning of the 10 Commandments!

In this profound, consciousness-raising 7-lesson esoteric analysis of the 10 Commandments, you’re going to learn the Bible as you have never learned it before. When Rev. Ike gets through with you in these lessons, the Bible is going to open up to you, it is going to be different from the way it’s ever been… it’s going to make sense for a change!

In this series, the 10 Commandments become a guide for your life as Rev. Ike reveals to you its esoteric (inner, spiritual) meaning; and you learn that the 10 Commandments are not just simply a set of “thou shalts” and “thou shalt nots.” When their inner, spiritual meaning is correctly understood, they become guidelines for happy, successful living!

The 10 Commandments are dissected and explored over 7-mp3s:
  • 1st Commandment: Your Thinking Power is God Power
  • 2nd Commandment: The Making Power is Within You
  • 3rd Commandment: How to Live Without Stress and Strain
  • 4th Commandment: Your Source of All Good
  • 5th & 6th Commandments: How to Marry Right
  • 7th & 8th Commandments: Don't Lie and Don't Limit Your Good
  • 9th & 10th Commandments: Awareness is the Only God

The Fundamentalists Got It All Wrong!

As you listen to Rev. Ike, you will discover that the Bible is a book of mind-science, a book of spiritual psychology; and the 10 Commandments are instructions for using your mind power!
For there cannot be right living or right results without right thinking. This is where the fundamentalists got it wrong – they were trying to get people to live right without, first of all, teaching people to think right.

Learn How to Correctly Use The Law of “I AM”

One by one, Rev. Ike guides you through each of the commandments, explaining their inner meaning behind the outer words — and revealing to you how you can use them to manifest the life that you want!  You will discover that ALL ten of the commandments are really revealing different aspects of the One Truth…
…that there is only one Law, the law of mind, the law of awareness, the one presence, and the one power — and that is: I AM!

As Rev. Ike enlightens you through examples and explanations — with his usual humor and charismatic delivery — you will learn how to use your “I AM power” correctly to create all of the good that you desire!

A Comprehensive, Mind-Blowing, Bible-based Course in Mind Science!

This is not recommended for the first-time Rev. Ike student, but if you have already studied a few of Rev. Ike’s lessons, you will love this comprehensive, in-depth study of the universal principles and practice of Mind Science, as revealed by the esoteric meaning of 10 Commandments!

As you experience this eye-opening Mind Science interpretation of the commandments with Rev. Ike, he makes this profound teaching clear for you — ‘he rubs it in good’ — so you will comprehend these revelations:
  • the esoteric (inner) meaning behind of all of the persons, places, and events in the Bible and what they represent
  • the true definition of “God” and the “Devil” (and how YOU create them)
  • how you condition the unconditioned God, using the power of your thought, and your “I AM-ness”
  • who Jesus ‘really’ is
  • what it means to worship “false gods” and how to stop doing it
  • how you can cast out ‘devils and demons’ (as Jesus did)
  • why you have not yet manifested your desires
  • how to get the answer to your prayers (using the power of your belief)
  • how to redeem yourself from being a slave to conditions
  • and many more life-changing discoveries!

Fall Under the “Good-Spell”

As Rev. Ike drills these revelations into your mind, you wake up to the truth, your consciousness is raised, you learn how to use the power of your thoughts and you fall under the “good-spell”!  Finally, to seal the deal, each lesson ends in a powerful affirmation treatment with Rev. Ike, to fix the ideas firmly into your consciousness — to take charge of your power of self-awareness, your power of belief, your divine accomplishing power — and to affirm the truth of your divine self!

This Master of Success series is 7 downloadable mp3s. Total audio length of 6 hours and 43 minutes.

**Please note that the third mp3 of this series has audio issues; the original recording in 1980 picked up the sound of a projector/fan during the sermon. The audio was cleaned up during the digital conversion, but it is not as clear as the other mp3s in this set.

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Everything Matters
Craig (Canada) 7/5/2020 8:15 AM
I bought all of Rev Ike's audio products. My life and mind are far too important to waste and I must know not pieces but the full picture. Consider your purchases an investment. Once you know how to think correctly then and only will you be, do, and have correctly. But do not make the mistake of physically battling the world for what you want. You definitely need a science and that Science is Mind Science.
You won't regret this!!!
CG (Florida ) 6/9/2020 6:11 PM
I promise you - you won't regret investing in this audio lesson! Life-changing! So grateful for Rev Ike. He is sharing secrets/gems!!!
Ed (Chicago) 6/1/2020 2:12 PM
Great series, but the audio for the third series is low quality.