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Money-Making Miracle-Working Idea (1 mp3)

Price: $9.95

Ideas That REALLY WILL Work Miracles for YOU
(When You Put Them Into Action!)

In this inspiring, motivational, participatory lesson, you will learn techniques that will enable you to direct your life, to create your circumstances, and to bring you the blessings you richly deserve!  Rev. Ike promises that “an outstanding benefit is going to be received by everyone who participates in this lesson.”  And right away, as you listen, you will begin to receive these benefits as Rev. Ike impresses your mind with these life-changing truths:
  • Life meets you the way you meet life! (you learn how to meet life correctly, with the right attitudes and the correct frame of mind to live the life you desire)
  • You never meet anyone but yourself (you’re always meeting the vibrations which you send forth — you learn how to engineer your vibrations to go forth in life with a healthy, loving, successful attitude)
  • What you believe about yourself is the God of Your Experience! (you learn the real meaning of “the word of God”, and why you must be careful to always serve a loving concept of God!)
Discover This ‘Miracle Morning Treatment’ That Will Program You for Love and Success!

Step by step, Rev. Ike takes you through a ‘Morning Treatment’ — a series of affirmations, that will set you up for health, love and success that will also draw money to you!

You will repeat these life-changing affirmations with him throughout this lesson — and learn that this simple treatment (if you practice it each morning with feeling and conviction) will send you forth into life with new attitudes that will result in surprising, amazing and even miraculous changes in your circumstances and the way people react to you!

Go Forth Into Life with A Money Drawing Attitude

You’ll also learn a Money Drawing affirmation, and as you practice this one, and develop your money drawing attitude, you will find money coming to you from all directions. Your mind will be receptive to money-making ideas, and you will be surprised by what happens!

Rev. Ike reveals the success ideas that have made millionaires out of ordinary individuals, and shares with you inspiring stories of how they succeeded by believing in themselves and in their good ideas. You will become aware that YOU also have multimillion-dollar talents. You will be motivated to believe in yourself — to believe in your talents and ideas!

You Mind Will be Changed — Your Life Will be Changed!

When Rev. Ike gets through with you, you will know how to condition your mind to right ideas — to loving ideas — to happy ideas — to healing ideas — to prosperous ideas.

You will have a Money Treatment that you can practice that will open your mind to the goodness of life — because whatever you open your mind to, you’re going to get it!

You will also experience a Visualization Prayer Treatment (repeated with Rev. Ike) that will leave you with renewed self-confidence and positive self-belief — and tune you in to receive the good that you desire.

This is truly a life-transforming lesson that you will want to listen to again and again and put these teachings into practice right away for miraculous results!

Total of 1 mp3; total length: 52 minutes

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