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Your Power of Fascination (1 mp3)

Price: $9.95


Rev. Ike teaches you how to make your mind an IRRESISTIBLE MAGNET, to draw all the good that you desire INTO YOUR LIFE! There is incredible power in fascination, because whatever you are fascinated by - whatever you concentrate or focus your thoughts on - be it good or evil - you will draw into your experience.

Whatever you are fascinated by - you become! In this lesson you'll learn how to control and direct your thoughts and ideas so - that you STOP being fascinated by thoughts of anxiety, worry, sickness, unhappiness and financial difficulties.

Rev. Ike guides you and coaches you into a new way of thinking - you let go of negative thoughts and become fascinated with the GOOD that you want - Love, Good Health, Success, Prosperity and Money.

Then you will watch this GOOD materialize into your life!

Single MP3

Total length: 46 minutes.

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Toni (New York, NY) 3/16/2019 2:18 PM
Oh my goodness, Rev. Ike is funny as all get out in this lesson and very much on point! He speaks the absolute truth and I already feel my life changing for the better! I love you Rev. Ike for all time!! I love when the MP3 sales are on, keep them coming and I shall continue to purchase! I already own 11 Rev. Ike MP3's Thanks so much, TJ