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The Disciple Series 5-MP3 Bundle (Lessons 1-4, plus BONUS Intro MP3)

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The first 4 lessons (including BONUS introductory lesson) of Rev. Ike’s acclaimed DISCIPLE SERIES — his esoteric (spiritual) interpretation of the Disciples Simon Peter, Andrew, James, and John — as YOU and the qualities or attributes of YOUR MIND!

The Disciple Series - Intro - Your Twelvefold Divine Power


In this introductory lesson, Rev. Ike provides his esoteric definitions of the Bible, of Jesus, and of the twelve disciples, and explains the work that you must do to teach and train the faculties of your mind (as represented by the twelve disciples).  This introduces the foundation for his individual discussions of each of the disciples in subsequent lessons.

The Disciple Series #1 Simon Peter - Developing Right Hearing and Rock Faith


This participatory and highly engaging lesson is the study of Jesus’ 1st disciple, Simon (later called Peter), who represents the faculty of hearing — that faculty of your inner ear which is disciplined, or discipled to listen only to God, to good, to the positives — through meditation, prayer and affirmations of good — until you develop Rock Faith and unshakable confidence!

The Disciple Series #2 Andrew - Developing Your Strength and Courage


This is the study of Jesus’ 2nd disciple, Andrew, who represents the quality of strength and courage of your mind — which you, the God-conscious mind, must give power to and direct to serve your good purpose. You learn how to energize your mental attributes of strength and courage, how to shout down negative thoughts, emotions and circumstances, and how to call forth the good in you to become a master of your own mind and its processes.

The Disciple Series #3 James - Developing Your Power of Right Judgement


This is the study of Jesus’ 3rd disciple, James, son of Zebedee, who represents the quality of your mind called Right Judgement — or wisdom!  You learn to judge by righteous judgement — to become blind and deaf to negatives and not judge by appearances or by the standards of the world, but to judge according to the Law of Mind: “As a man thinks, so is he."

The Disciple Series #4 John - Developing Your Power of Love


This is the study of Jesus’ 4th disciple, John, who represents YOUR power of Love.  You'll do the work of training your faculty of Love — and come out of this lesson forgiven and cleansed — loving yourself and others with a receptive consciousness that's wide open to receive the good that you deserve!

Total of 5 mp3s; total length: 4 hours and 23 minutes

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