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The Law of Mood: The Power of Your Clothing (1 mp3)

Price: $5.95

This teaching is available in 4 parts on YouTube, but due to popular demand, we are also offering it as a complete downloadable mp3!

Ask yourself these questions:
  • How would I feel if I already had the good that I desire?
  • How would I feel if I were already being what I want to be?
  • How would I feel if I were already doing what I want to do?
  • How would I feel if I had all of the money that I needed and wanted, and more beside?
In this powerful audio teaching, The Law of Mood, Rev. Ike reveals that it is your MOOD that determines your experiences in life. That every thought, mood, attitude, and idea in your subconscious mind MUST come into expression. And that your MOODS will manifest your greatest desires! You can no longer get away with your "stinking thinking," as every thought has a consequence and result, whether you like them or not. In this lesson, Rev. Ike shows you how to become a master of your moods to get the results you want.

In this eye-opening audio, Rev. Ike also teaches you:
  • The truth of your spiritual heritage (Do you know where you really came from?)
  • The secret power of your clothing (Are you "wearing" what you need to succeed?)
  • The art of conjuring (Do you have power over your feelings and moods yet?)
  • and... the knowledge that your spiritual instruction is not optional!
This lesson is subtitled The Power of Your Clothing and Rev. Ike stresses the importance of treating your moods like clothing. Not only should you look good and dress for the life you want, you have to also wear your moods, thoughts, and ideas as well. Whatever good you desire to be, to do, and to have, you must put on the mood of already being, doing and having it. This lesson concludes with a powerful affirmation that will "clothe" you in the garments of praise that attracts good health, happiness, love, prosperity, and money. Remember, whoever gets into the right mood, whoever puts on the garments of praise, always gets the blessing!

This is a single mp3 available for download only.
Total length: 51 minutes.

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