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The Nature of My TRUE Self (1 mp3)

Price: $5.95

This teaching is available in 5 parts on YouTube, but due to popular demand, we are also offering it as a complete downloadable mp3!

Ask yourself this question: "Am I on good terms with myself?" If you are not sure, here's a few hints:
  • If you are truly on good terms with yourself, everybody and everything will be compelled to be on good terms with YOU.
  • Things and circumstances will not move you - YOU will move things and create your own circumstances.
  • Nothing will change you - YOU will change things, and change it for the better.
  • Things will not make you happy - YOU will make happy things.
In this powerful audio teaching, The Nature of My TRUE Self, now available for download on MP3, Rev. Ike shows you how to stop identifying yourself from the human point of view, and instead, identify yourself from the DIVINE point of view. God created you a master over your self, and it is time that you claimed your divine birthright to be healthy, happy, loving, beloved, successful and prosperous!

In this revelatory teaching, Rev. Ike reveals:
  • HOW to identify yourself from the DIVINE point of view.
  • How to attract happy, exciting, and interesting people to you.
  • The important cosmic law that will always get you the perfect results.
  • How to become the MASTER of your Divine self-happiness and love.
  • and... The one belief that supersedes all others; one that will open the doors to your divinely natural states of health, happiness, success, and prosperity.
And remember, this is all Divine Self-Pride, not human self-pride. So once you love the divine self of you, love the God-in-you, love the right idea of yourself, you will begin to "move in the room with the Lord." Everything that comes your way by means of your God-consciousness, the God-in-you, your DIVINE self - you should enjoy it and savor it as your God-given right. Realize that whatever you enjoy correctly, you will increase!

You really know nothing until you know WHO you are.

This is a single mp3 available for download only.
Total length: 1 hour 6 minutes.

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My true self
Dage (NJ) 12/8/2022 10:21 AM
This audio has served as a reminder for me that whenever I am engaging in any problems or worries, I am not seeing myself from my divine self but instead, My human sense of self and that is why we have any problems on this earth. eye-opening teaching thank you Rev Ike