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The Transfer of Energy (2 mp3s)

Price: $14.95

What is it that you really want?
And, what are you willing to give up or pay in order to get it?

In this ground-breaking 2-mp3 series, you will take a deep dive into esoteric science - the inner, higher, unseen laws and principles of life. This is not just a philosophy, but rather a practical guide to living your best life here and now!

Listen as Rev. Ike introduces you to the Universal Law of Compensation: what it is, how it works, and why it is so important that you know and understand it. He will also teach you about the mechanical transfer of energy, aka God’s Delivery System!

Everything functions and operates by this Law. People who aren’t aware of this Law can’t observe it; they transgress the Law, and then wonder why life is so hard. It doesn’t have to be this way! As Rev. Ike says, “If you can catch yourself before the Law catches you, you can save your behind.”

The Science of Metaphysics

The word Meta means “above”; when combined with Physics (the physical), it refers to the unseen side of life. Most of what happens in life, happens on unseen levels.

In the second part of this teaching, Rev. Ike will show you how the energy of your thought transfers to every cell in your body (“As a man thinketh, so is he”) and how new cells being created in your body are constructed with the very nature of your thoughts and feelings.

You will learn other ways to transfer this same energy through the use of Praise, Prayer, and Affirmations. Rev. Ike also breaks down the story of Paul and his shipwreck to illustrate how disengaging from your senses can help you to access the world of Spiritual Energy.

In these two powerful lessons, you will learn:

  • The difference between Personality and Principle
  • Why the Universal Law of Compensation requires you to put “some skin in the game”
  • That you are ALWAYS being compensated, for good or for bad
  • The New Jerusalem is not a future destination - it is right HERE and right NOW
  • The Lord’s Prayer (“Thy kingdom come…”) was NOT a request, but an affirmation
  • How fasting is not always about food, but can also be about abstaining from the senses

The Importance of Knowing These Concepts

Not being aware of these Energy Principles can put you in danger, as you can be unconsciously open and receptive to negative energies. Rev. Ike will share about the continual transfer of energy between people – and how this transfer can even work on a large scale, impacting communities, cities, and nations!

Find out how the energy you transfer is also transferred back to you… and that energy is a multiplier. More energy comes ultimately back to you than you send out, so make sure you are sending out good energy!

Prepare to have your eyes opened!

Throughout the series, Rev. Ike will lead you in multiple affirmations and a powerful Energy Transfer Prayer. Rev. Ike will teach you how to use these Energy Principles to have a more abundant life – and how to “not only leave the bad stuff behind, but to OVERCOME it, GET above it, and STAY above it."

Don’t make your problems your priority – get these dynamic teachings today to learn how to handle your own Mental Energy and how use the Transfer of Energy in your favor.

This series contains 2 downloadable MP3s.

Total length: 1 hours 10 minutes.

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Part 2 seems to end prematurely
Louis (Philadelphia ) 1/22/2023 9:43 PM
Part 2 seems to end prematurely Right in the middle of the sermon