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God's Triple-Winning Combination (3 mp3s)

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In this illuminating 3-mp3 series you will learn about God’s Triple-Winning Combination of Faith, Righteous Judgement and Love - and how you can apply this dynamic trio to overcome any obstacles you may face on your way to a life full of purpose and prosperity.

You will discover how every man lives in the judgement of his own verdict about himself and others, and how YOU have the power to change that judgement at any time. And here’s the good news: If you don’t like the verdict that’s been handed down, you can change it using this triple-winning combination!

God’s Triple-Winning Combination

The judge of the whole universe is always asking you: Who are you? What is your name? Can you answer that question honestly?

In the first part of this series, Rev. Ike will explain the power of names, their importance, and how you get what belongs to your name. As he often said, “What you say is what you get!”

He will also do a deep dive into the story of the Transfiguration of Jesus in front of Peter, James and John – and how this event relates to the disciplines of Faith, Righteous Judgement and Love. You will be guided in ways to use this special combination to change your self-judgement and thus, your circumstances.

You have the power of self-judgement to pronounce your own verdict about yourself. Just remember: never give anyone else that same power of judgement over you! Rev. Ike shows you how to take your power of self-judgement back, own it, and be transfigured!

Passing Through the Rock

In the second lesson of this series, Rev. Ike continues the theme of God’s Triple-Winning Combination and how you can apply it to pass through the Rocks in your life.

Rev. Ike uses the story of Ananda, a beloved disciple of a certain spiritual master who, upon his master’s passing, could not join his fellow disciples into a closed room due to his lack of spiritual discipline and development. He had to became desperate and being to exercise his willpower, commitment, and practice until he was spiritually strong enough to pass through the giant rock blocking the entrance.

We, like Ananda, have our own rocks – our anger, our frustrations, our disappointments – that prevent us from getting what we want or where we need to go. Like Ananda, we have to get positively desperate! Pay close attention as Rev. Ike shows you how to pass through the rocks in your life by changing your judgements about them. He will reveal ways to turn your weaknesses into strengths and make new judgements.

“The rock is not to stop you. The rock is for you to go through.”

The Point of Your Need

The Father has commanded the best of everything for you – are you receiving it?

Rev. Ike wraps up this amazing series by teaching you how to apply God’s Triple-Winning Combination at the point of your need.

Just as Jesus applied his ministry directly to the point of need, so can you! Using various scriptures, Rev. Ike will teach you how to have victory in your weak place – your point of need – by making a new judgement and a new decree.

You will learn that everything God said to Jesus, He was actually saying to you; the same Jesus that is GOD-IN-YOU. Through Rev. Ike’s explanations, you will start to see, judge, and love yourself from God’s point of view – the only point of view worth having.

Stop going around calling yourself sick or poor or disadvantaged. Stop living under other people’s decrees! Grab this important series now and start using God’s Triple-Winning Combination to change your verdict and rewrite your life’s script!

This series contains 3 downloadable MP3s.
Total length:
3 hours 20 minutes.

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