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Who Do YOU Think You Are? (1 mp3)

Price: $4.95

This teaching is available in 5 parts on YouTube, but due to overwhelmingly popular demand, we are also offering it as a complete downloadable mp3!

Do you ever feel like you are living the life of an imposter; that this is not the life you are supposed to be living?  In this dynamic audio teaching, Who Do YOU Think You Are?, now available for download on MP3, Rev. Ike shows you how to remove the spell of sickness, poverty and failure from your life with one easy revelation... You simply have to know WHO YOU ARE. Because in life, you can only be, do, and have according to WHO you think and feel that you are.

In this teaching, Rev. Ike reveals:
  • How to go from being an imposter to "Royal-Born" (you are really rich pretending to be poor, healthy pretending to be sick)
  • How to break the spell of want, lack, and limitation that is holding you back (if you don't choose your own spell, the world will put spells on you)
  • How to call down heavenly riches into your life (the only reason that you can go to heaven in the first place, is because that's where you came from)
  • How changing your name will attract success and prosperity (you can't be, do, nor have anything that doesn't belong to your name)
  • and How the identity you choose will determine your success in life (you've got to identify yourself as the one to whom the good you desire belongs)
After listening to this motivating lesson, you will stop living under the sin of mistaken identity, you will know where you really came from, and you will know your purpose. When you know who you really are, you will stop acting like your problems are greater than you are!

"I am not other peoples' opinions, I'm God's opinion." - Rev. Ike

This is a single mp3 available for download only.
Total length: 52 minutes.

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I and my father are one
Dage (NJ) 12/8/2022 10:39 AM
As humans we forget where we came from. Great lesson to remind us of where we came from and how God sees us. Be careful what you add to “I am”!
Very Power - Full teaching
Nancy Reed (Sydney ) 7/10/2020 6:15 PM
It changed me from being critical especially to myself and transformed me from being healthy and now everything I touch is blessed " Faith" ,now I know " WHO I AM ". THIS is LIKE " buying the " The Pearl of Great Price "