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Your Prosperity Guide (2 mp3s)

Price: $16.95

You Can’t Miss if You Work With This!

This 2 mp3 set consists of two of Rev. Ike’s most exciting, eye-opening teachings:
  • Prosperity Is Your Divine Right
  • Prosperity Is Something You Do
Hearing these two powerful lessons is like having a front row seat as you experience Rev. Ike at his dynamic, charismatic, entertaining best — It’s like having Rev. Ike in your own living room as your personal coach!

Condition Your Mind for SUCCESS and PROSPERITY!

You don’t just listen to these workshops, you’re going to have an immersion experience; you’ll feel the excitement, you’ll interact with Rev. Ike, and you’ll shout back and forth with him, repeating powerful truths and affirmations. Rev. Ike will ‘"jar your consciousness” (converts your subconscious mind) to the idea that God wants you to be prosperous. And once you truly believe that you DESERVE to be prosperous — you become unstoppable!

Magnetize Your Mind for Prosperity
These are ‘meaty’ lessons that will feed your mind with so many good ideas, so much motivation, inspiration, and practical techniques that you’ll want to listen to them over and over again. You’ll learn what “Prosperity” really means — it’s much more than just money.  And as Rev. Ike explains the esoteric meaning of Scriptural statements, you’ll realize that all that God has is YOURS ALREADY! The only thing that you lack in your life, is what you are not accepting! You’ll learn why your words become flesh, and why and how you must name and claim what you want.  And you’ll enjoy the stories Rev. Ike tells of the ‘miraculous’ manifestations that came out of the words of his mouth!

Rev. Ike Reveals his Personal Prosperity Techniques!

You’ll learn the same proven techniques that made Rev. Ike prosperous — as Rev. Ike explains how they will work for you:
  • Fantasizing (Visualizing — seeing and feeling with your inner eye)
  • Using your Power of Enjoyment (God is enjoying life by means of you)
  • Helping Others to Prosper (discover how this benefits YOU)
  • Giving (And this is more than just giving money)
  • and more…
And throughout these sessions you’ll join in the laughter as Rev. Ike shares stories and examples (and even jokes!) with his trademark wit and humor.  These are fun teachings!

The Secret of Plenty: Till Your Mind!

You’ll discover the esoteric meaning of the Proverb:”He who tills his land shall have plenty of bread," as Rev. Ike explains that the ‘land’ is your mind and ‘bread’ of course, represents prosperity! Rev. Ike takes you deep into the concepts of conditioning (tilling) your mind, and the importance of developing a correct self-identity, and positive self-belief, an  ‘I Can’ attitude. And that positive attitude will be impressed upon your subconscious as you ‘talk back’ to Rev. Ike as you do this joyful work!  This motivational experience will turn you on and lift you up!

You’ll Become a Mental and Emotional Engineer!

Along with Rev. Ike, you’ll practice “Thinkonomics™” — the scientific engineering of your entire Mental process. You’ll learn how to discipline your mind, how to do your ‘inside’ work, how be definite, positive and scientific in the use of your God-Power! Throughout these sessions, as you repeat meditations with Rev. Ike (Prayers of Absolution, Prayer Treatments to Engineer Your Thoughts and and joyful Affirmative treatments), you’ll feel the excitement and the power as these beliefs penetrate deep into your subconscious and transform your thinking and self-confidence!

These straightforward, easy-to-understand motivational lessons will open your eyes, condition your mind and set you on your path to prosperity!

Total of 2 mp3s; total length: 2 hours 23 minutes.

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